Excerpt: Supporting Student Learning – April 3, 2020

Moving from classroom learning to a distance learning model in a very short time is a challenge, and the WRDSB is working continuously to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn from home. With this in mind, our digital learning platforms and other student supports and resources that enable students to learn from home must be simple to use, accessible, and reflective of student needs.

Distance learning has many forms, and we are committed to ensuring our students are able to access these learning opportunities – each and every one. At the heart of our planning is the belief that educators know their students best and bring a wealth of educational knowledge and experience that is indispensable.

Please know we are deeply committed to ensuring the equity of learning for all of our students and want you to know that the digital component of distance learning is only one of many potential solutions.

We continue to explore other solutions including the mailing and delivery of resources and supports.

For those families and students who have communicated that they need a device, please be reassured that the school will be in touch as to how this will occur.

Distance Learning Resources:

Teachers will be using a variety of ways to connect with your child(ren). Below are resources we will continue to add, to support learning from home.

  1. Parent Guide to Google Classroom: